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People who have been struggling with a problem for some time or who are experiencing emotional pain and distress find that counselling can be helpful in unexpected ways. To step away from everyday life into a safe and protected space where there is time to think and process feelings with the help of a skilled practitioner, is of proven benefit.

Some issues, which have their roots in the past, may take longer to uncover and untangle and as a general rule the further back a problem began in life, the longer it will take to work on. I am a psychodynamic counsellor, which means that I believe that the past can influence the present and that there are sometimes unconscious forces at work in our lives that are hard to recognise without the help of another person.

The relationship that we form will be a powerful tool in our work together. By making sense of what is happening in the here and now of the consulting room, we can often make links with what is happening in life outside and also what might have happened to you in the past. This insight provides an opportunity for change. It may, at times, be painful and it is common for people to experience life getting worse before it gets better. Whilst counselling is generally recognised as beneficial it must be realised that this may not be so in every case.

Ordinary people who work in all sorts of jobs and professions come to see me for professional help. They face a wide variety of problems.